Benefits of Social Networks and Web 2.0

In this blog post I will show additional benefits provided by Social Networks and Web 2.0 tools:


  • · Productivity and Efficiency.- Mainly related to the way that the projects will be managed, reducing e-mail overload and improve the team performance. These factors are possible because of the implementation of easy-use social media tools and also because of the new culture that is being implemented in companies (Competitive Advantage).
  • · Relational capital.- Referred to avoid complexity and ambiguous work, don’t do a lot of unnecessary work, and using information about our customers. Customers can be the best way of knowledge, mostly of time good solutions may be not successful because those solutions were not agreed with the customer; the customer is actually the only one who knows what he wants and maybe sometimes even he doesn’t know.
  • · Knowledge management and organization.- This is a valuable way of getting access to the best technical knowledge and new capabilities of the organization, this means to go in the right way and to avoid disorganization.
  • · Collaboration.-  This is basically to achieve a good team work and the best team communication in order to be more efficient. Also increase the collaboration between partners, customers and providers. This may result in increasing the collective intelligence of the company.
  • · Continuous Improvement.- Improving the processes because using this tools we can save time, do everything better and faster. Also it refers to have a baseline for future improvements, and to establish procedures. This means have documented the procedures so everyone in the company can execute them in the right way.
  • · Technological Surveillance.- This is referred to the early identification of opportunities and threats so the company can take preventive actions and take advantage of the opportunities that exist in the market using Enterprise 2.0 tools.



Social network strategy


In a nutshell Social network is “connections”, as we all know the most general social network is facebook and the most professional network would be LinkedIn, however the main question will be, how to take advantage of social network in the corporate world? Well, clearly we have to develop a strategy in order to do so.

My group will develop five network strategies for ProMOS:

1.         Assessment

2.         Implementation

3.         Monitor

4.         Measure

5.         Momentum

I will develop the strategy “Monitor”  in this blog post.

So far we know that Assessment consist in knowing the audience, assessing the company situation (market situation) and setting goals and challenges, i.e. Where ProMOS want to go?

Also we know that implementation will consist in analyze and execute actions based in social networks internally and externally, for example implementing facebook, the company will have all benefits like: chat, profiles, wall and so on including the interesting “open API” (Application programming Interface). And the monitor strategy will consist in get the necessary data in order to proceed with the measure (next strategy), for example monitor how many people are providing feedback, contrast this data with how many people provided positive feedback and how many people provided negative feedback.

Following there are the proposed monitor actions for ProMOS:


•          Monitor the internal group’s usage

•          Monitor the contribution of social network tools in the general goals

•          Monitor the number of facebook followers

•          Monitor if different opinion discussions and forums are being performed regularly and with valuable knowledge.

•          Monitor process and progress of tasks

•          Monitor the number of solved issues trough discussions and forums

•          Monitor if staff is curious enough and promote learning

•          Monitor the expertise level that the company has


•          Monitor positive and negative comments in fan pages

•          Monitor if customers are increasing due social network tools

•          Monitor if social network has increased strategic alliances

•          Monitor how many people of different offices / branches are keep in contact through social network. (People can be in different countries and cities, and even though be in touch and know each other due their work)

•          Monitor new hires of people who are friends in a social network with the staff of the company


•          Provide valid metrics in order to proceed with measurement.

•          Identify how is social network working.

•          Give to the company an overview about the social networks use.