Micro-blogging and its application in companies

According to Wikipedia, micro-blogging is a synonym of “nanoblogging”, and is a service that allows customers to publish quick messages (140 characters) generally composed of text.

So the first example that comes to my mind is “Twitter” and one particularity about it is that these messages can be sent from websites, SMS, internal messaging  (IM) or ad hoc applications.


Strategy Chosen

Now that we know what is blogging, and also what is micro-blogging, I will try to establish a specific strategy for micro-blogging, and this strategy will be used to apply in a “Business Case” that will be developed in groups in a specific company.

To start defining which strategy I will establish, first I think that micro-blogging conditions must be understood. So, we already know that Micro-blogging is to send quick messages thus the main characteristic is that is quickly, secondly if these messages are quickly, should be understood that its main purpose could be tell people something that we are doing (in this case something that companies are doing), If we publish something that we are doing, this also means that the message is instantaneously showed, and also these messages will be shown to other people who are interested (maybe sometimes not) in what are you doing in that moment (what the company is doing).

Well, obviously we must have an account in the specific tool that supports our micro-blogging, so we also need a username, password, and privacy options, just like a Blog. If micro-blogging counts with all these characteristics, must be designed for mobile devices right? actually I think that this is the main difference between blogging and micro-blogging.

Due these characteristics and conditions, the most popular and actual micro-blogging tool will be twitter. A specific video about this tool and very interesting tips can be found in this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZX8PWb58YQ.

But Twitter is not the only one tool to micro-blogging, for instance we can find micro-blogs in MSN Messenger‘s nicks, Plurk, Jaiku, maybe also Tumblr, Pownce, or Yappd as some examples. (Some of these examples aren’t available anymore).

Now that is understood what exactly is micro-blogging, I believe that a very important strategy could be: Reputation management and recovery in times of crisis,

Introduce the Organization

The organization chosen to develop our project is ProMOS, basically a company from Taiwan that was founded in December 1996 and mainly provides customized memory solutions and a variety of information integration application services to create business and customer value.


Micro-blogging tools can be used to get a better way of show the personal and human side of the business (factories, companies, etc), this could be a great way of show opinion, opportunities, forums, share innovative ideas. Also micro-blogging can be used to struggle problems before they cause a crisis to the company, so if there is a company’s crisis the company would can use the micro-blogging tools to explain what really happened and share it trough different links, so the company’s followers will be interested and informed about it.

The more interaction (blogging and micro-blogging) the company has, the bigger will be the presence in Google.

Tactics for implementing the strategy

The main tactic that I can recommend to the company would be to try to blog and micro-blog as frequently as they can, because the more the company interact, the bigger will be company’s brand in Google, is the same that is happening with us, the number of blog posts that we publish determine how big is our digital presence in the web.

Also a very important tactic in crisis cases could be increasing the strategy in the first 24 hours because is this time the most important to change the reputation of the company because everything occurred recently and everybody will pay attention to the company’s reaction.


Also I think that micro-blogging could be used in the education industry, even though this strategy won’t apply for the project purposes, could be useful for other people.


Links recommended, Examples and micro-blogging

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GmkwHHf9DI Twitter interview statistics and examples.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6JqYGZ4MVQ Which is the best micro-blogging tool and what is micro-blogging.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfsYBMt4vqk Very didactic video that explains in easy words micro-blogging.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQN4TNknRyA Twitter buys micro-blogging site Posterous.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vIAvM3anfM Micro-blogging in the classroom

Finally, I would like to share the Micro-blogging 5 strategies that our group deleloped:

#1 Cross promote to social media sites (Andy)

#2 Internal & external communication with micro-blogging (Rick)

#3  Micro-blogging marketing with 5W1H (Denni)

#4 Utilize micro-blogging enhance strategy for business marketing of advertisement (Owen)

#5 Micro-blogging and its application in companies (Danny)


3 thoughts on “Micro-blogging and its application in companies

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  2. […] #5 Micro-blogging and its application in companies (Danny) […]

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