Social network strategy


In a nutshell Social network is “connections”, as we all know the most general social network is facebook and the most professional network would be LinkedIn, however the main question will be, how to take advantage of social network in the corporate world? Well, clearly we have to develop a strategy in order to do so.

My group will develop five network strategies for ProMOS:

1.         Assessment

2.         Implementation

3.         Monitor

4.         Measure

5.         Momentum

I will develop the strategy “Monitor”  in this blog post.

So far we know that Assessment consist in knowing the audience, assessing the company situation (market situation) and setting goals and challenges, i.e. Where ProMOS want to go?

Also we know that implementation will consist in analyze and execute actions based in social networks internally and externally, for example implementing facebook, the company will have all benefits like: chat, profiles, wall and so on including the interesting “open API” (Application programming Interface). And the monitor strategy will consist in get the necessary data in order to proceed with the measure (next strategy), for example monitor how many people are providing feedback, contrast this data with how many people provided positive feedback and how many people provided negative feedback.

Following there are the proposed monitor actions for ProMOS:


•          Monitor the internal group’s usage

•          Monitor the contribution of social network tools in the general goals

•          Monitor the number of facebook followers

•          Monitor if different opinion discussions and forums are being performed regularly and with valuable knowledge.

•          Monitor process and progress of tasks

•          Monitor the number of solved issues trough discussions and forums

•          Monitor if staff is curious enough and promote learning

•          Monitor the expertise level that the company has


•          Monitor positive and negative comments in fan pages

•          Monitor if customers are increasing due social network tools

•          Monitor if social network has increased strategic alliances

•          Monitor how many people of different offices / branches are keep in contact through social network. (People can be in different countries and cities, and even though be in touch and know each other due their work)

•          Monitor new hires of people who are friends in a social network with the staff of the company


•          Provide valid metrics in order to proceed with measurement.

•          Identify how is social network working.

•          Give to the company an overview about the social networks use.


8 thoughts on “Social network strategy

  1. Hi Danny.
    Nice post. I believe your team is on the right track for ProMOS strategy. Talking about monitoring socia media, I strongly suggest you to have a look into and, they can help to monitor and map the social media for your brand.
    I am doing some tests using those tools to help in our strategy for Suncorp HR deparment, and I am very interested in other people using similar tools.
    As your strategy is highly focused in “monitoring” I believe you will be another user for those tools, so we can share our experience.


  2. Hi Charleston, thank you very much about your feedback and those cool links, I wil have a look and test them so we can discuss how useful resulted for my group.


  3. 2ndweb says:

    Hi Danny, I think monitoring is a really important part of any social media strategy, and provides a useful basis for gathering reporting metrics. Do you think that from an internal perspective monitoring of facebook and social media interactions might reduce the up-take or utilisation of the platform by staff? Curious to know your thoughts on this. Cheers, Ben 🙂

    • Hi Ben,
      Well I think that all changes are “shocking” for people, that’s the culture but I actually think that people is familiarized with facebook, due to this they could take it in the positive way, and they will realize after a few weeks that is more comfortable to use facebook internally like for example chating to solve quick problems or reading new content posted in the wall, and so on…

      Thanks for your feedback Ben

  4. atang says:

    Hey Danny, good post, monitoring is the 3rd aspect of our strategy and is such a cruicial part of because once social network has been implemented the next step is to see HOW social networks are improving or doing harm towards a company (hopefully not going harm)

    By monitoring as you said views, posts, followers, usages this will give a good indication of how ProMOS is doing after the social network implementation. THe next step is measuing, however only after you monitor can you get results to measure.


    • Hi Andy,

      Yes that is correct, that is why we need to monitor very carefully how is the implementation performing and make necessary actions so the measurement give positive and encouraging numbers.

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